Install Adobe Digital Editions on GNU/Linux

Quick guide to open DRM’ed ebooks – ePub and PDF – on a GNU/Linux system using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Of course, for unprotected or watermarked ebooks, simply install Calibre from its website (repositories are outdated).

No Linux version of ADE being available, you’ll need Wine to emulate the PC version.


1. Install Wine

Use your distro repositories. Note thant 64bits systems may need to use the 32b version of Wine (experienced on Debian 64). Follow Wine instruction once launched.

$ sudo apt-get install wine #on debian

2. Download and install ADE

Only the 1.7 version of ADE will work with Wine. Actual version being 2.0, find it with a Google search or directly from here. Launch the exe through Wine :

$ wine Downloads/ADE17.exe

Follow the steps, choose your installation folder.

3. Launch ADE

Once installed :

$ wine InstallationDirectory/digitaleditions.exe

At its first launch ADE will ask for an Adobe ID. This is mandatory for the use of protected ebooks (our only purpose here). Take 3 minutes to create your Adobe account. You’ll use it to authorize ADE and your mobile devices.

Carefull, you’ll be able to authorize only 6 mobile devices and 6 computers with one account (one email).

Once ADE is authorized, you are set.

Remember : when you order DRM’ed eBooks, you will not receive your ebook by mail or directly through a download link. The URL sent to you by email will give you access to a .acsm file. This .acsm file must be open with ADE to start the ebook download inside ADE.


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