Gimp like Photoshop

For those used to Photoshop (and I was one of them), here comes a few hint to configure the powerful GIMP and quickly find your way. 

1. Manual configuration

This most useful post on Lifehacker will guide you through the main steps:

  • Load the photoshop keyboard shortcuts from file
  • Install the Layer via copy plugin
  • Change the rules for snapping through the gimprc file
  • Disable the ‘show layer boundary’ option
  • Configure Move tool like in Photoshop

2. The lazy complete configuration set

This being said, take a look at this DeviantArt page where Doctormo gives a complete pre-configured ~/.gimp-2.8 folder.The pack includes a theme to make GIMP look like Photoshop through a nice iconset. The result is as impressive as helpful.


You may want to backup your own folder first, then extract the archive to your personal folder. Restart Gimp.


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