Customizing MacOSX Maverick?

After countless hours spent on trying to dual boot a Linux distro on my 2011 Macmini 5,2 – damn hybrid GPU non optimized drivers! – I gave up having a clean, fresh and fast environment. What to do with a mac now, except to roll back to Leopard? Not much, Maverick being a closed and encrypted system.


Here come a few ideas:

Bonus: how to hide desktop icons:

$ defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false
$ killall Finder

Well, nothing really fancy in here… At least let’s see how to speed up the Mac after a few years of service and too many updates:

  • Use Activity Monitor to detect useless running programs
  • Clean up memory with Memory Clean
  • Free up your hard drive space with Disk utility “Erase free space” (fastest mode)
  • Remove unwanted programs and widgets with AppCleaner
  • Repair your disk permissions
  • Get rid of preference panes, in System Preferences, if you don’t need them.
  • Turn off visual effects (dock magnification, window pop up effects…)
  • Disable Finder file previews



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