iOS 7.1 jailbreak & best tweaks

iOS7 have brought lots of improvements to the iPhone interface, lowering the need to jailbreak the device. But if you seek customization and theming, jailbreak remains the way to go.


Quick Guide

How to easely jailbreak a 1.7.x iPhone with the Pangu tool.

  1. Backup your iPhone and deactivate your login code to avoid any problem
  2. Go to, download and install the Pangu program (PC/Mac)
  3. Connect your iPhone to the desktop and launch Pangu
  4. A first prompt will appear asking you to set the date to June 2nd
  5. A second prompt will ask you to launch the Pangu app on your device
  6. Multiple reboots and voilà.

Once your bright new jailbroken iPhone is ready, launch the Cydia app, the core of all hacking.


Cydia comes with basic apps sources. For more advanced options feel free to add the following ones. Cydia > Sources > Modify > Add.


Icons theming:

  • install the Winterboard app throug Cydia.
  • Go to the Themes section and make your choice: Aura, Zanilla…
  • Respring after any change

Springboard customization:

  • Bigify: icons tweaks
  • + TransparentDock: dock transparency
  • + CustomLS: lock screen text options
  • + Iconoclasm: icons layout
  • Springtomize3: icons and layout tweaks
  • Boover: badges colors and position
  • Zeppelin: operator icon substitution
  • 2×2 Folder icons: folder icons layout

iphone jailbreak

Fonts: install Bytafonts 2, then check the “Fonts (BytaFont 2)” section in Cydia. Suggestions:

  • Open Sans
  • Clear Sans
  • Roboto Light
  • Ubuntu Light
  • Bariol
  • Questrial

Useful apps:

  • iFile: file manager
  • Nitrous: non-Apple apps speed up
  • HiddenSettings7: hidden iOS advanced settings
  • iCleaner: delete logs, apps and update files (carefull though)
  • IPA Installer: well…



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