iOS 7 jailbreak : new tweaks and themes

Let’s welcome August with an iOS7 best tweaks update. What to remove, what to add ? Let’s have a tour of our jailbroken device.



Let’s start with our statusbar, and get rid of StatusHUD2 – the convenient tweak that shows the volume indicator in the statusbar – incompatible with BatteryStatusBar and StatusWeather. Delete.

So, BatteryStatusBar: visual tweak that displays a thin line (2px, customizable) on the top of the screen that represents the battery state. From green to red. Extremely useful, and quite nicely thought of.

StatusWeather: a far less essential weather indicator. Why not.

SameStatus : an almost invisible tweak that keeps the statusbar size equal on both Lock and Homescreen. A must for geeky freaks.


TinyGrid+: better looking folders! At last! Chose the number of icons displayed and customize the appearance. One icon folders, for my concern.

Couria: a free SMS tweak that displays the reply window on top of your currently opened app or lockscreen. Better than BiteSMS in my opinion.

Cylinder: add animation to your pages, from cube to extremely exotic. You can even stack animations (well, until your iPhone crashes). Fun, useless, to install!

SwipeSelection: a cool tweak that greatly improves the text selection and manipulation on iOS.



And now, Winterboard! Here comes the three awesomest 2014 themes to give a new look to your iPhone.

0xygen: give it a look on DeviantArt. I’v blackandwhiten the icons on the above screens. You’ll easely find it on Cydia if you correctly write its name with a first zero.

Aura: beautiful and round theme (link for screens, not official), really pleasant and joyful.

Zanilla: simple yet elegant, pastel colors and minimalist design. See the official Deviant page.

And FYI, the font use here is Ubuntu Mono. It has an excellent render on iOS screen (while I prefer Liberation Mono on desktops).



It seems you have all the info you need to customize your iPhone. Now, if you seek inspiration, just follow the links:



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