XFCE in September

Let’s start September by choosing a lighter distro for an oldish 2008 macbook: Mint Cinnamon was hard on the fans, so back to the classic Xubuntu XFCE desktop, modern, minimalist on design, complete on softwares and fast.

The distro hardly needs theming as it comes with the elegant Greybird/Elementary design. However you may prefer the NumixSolarized or Mediterranean appearance and the Faenza or Moka icons set, with the nice Roboto font on top. 


Finish your install with Plank dock, Dmenu for quick launch, Claws-Mail and LibreOffce for mailing and work. That’s it, you’re all set to go back to school!

And here is a MediterraneanDarkest version for fun, with a cool DeviantArt wallpaper.



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