Games modding #2: World of Warcraft

A 10 year old game still actively developed and reaching a community of millions of gamers is quite unusual. World of Warcraft was launched in February 2005 in Europe : 10 years of addictive leveling, raiding, trading and blacklisting of hyterical teenagers or chinese farmers.


Through the years, and because the game’s interface is scripted in an easy to learn programming language, Lua, players have issued hundred of interface modifications – for better and worst – bringing a fresh wind over an aging interface design. Every container can be recreated, every block can be moved, resized, hidden: bags, nameplates, players, targets and focus frames, panels, mini map, group and raid interfaces and much more.

Hundred of addons are referenced by websites such as Curse, which offer easy-to-use software to install and update them.

We’ll take a look at one of the best – understand: modern and efficient – all-in-one interface modification that comes with a complete configuration panel: ElvUI.


ElvUI is the evolution of a first UI pack called TukUI, that replace your whole interface (bars &bags, frames & plates, everything) with a totally new layout. All element can be customized at will and be sure you’ll spend hours going through every options to craft your own favorite interface. The default layout however can be used as is, and is quite efficient and clean.

ElvUI is designed to be more user friendly than Tukui by providing an elaborate and easy to use in-game GUI which allows you to customize just about everything without having to reload your UI between changes. Extra features which isn’t included in the default UI comes built in with ElvUI. Install guide during initial login will setup your UI to match not only your screen resolution but also your role (Caster, Physical DPS, Tank, Healer). [website]

To install, download the archive and unzip it to your World of Warcraft > Interface > AddOns folder. Launch the game, access the ‘Addon’ screens from the main menu and verify that Elvui is checked. Log in to one of your character: a configuration window should appear. From here, just follow the guidelines.

The configuration mod displays a grid on your screen, with which you can lock every item to the pixel. If you feel lost, hundred of Youtube tutorials can be found!

Have fun!

ElvUI for my rogue : character frame, cast bar, target’s target, target, combo points & cast bar !

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