Android launchers and icon packs

Let’s have some fun with an Android phone and customize its look and feel! To get the full extense of customization, you’ll need to get a new launcher. A launcher is an app that modifies your homescreen: you’ll be able to tweak your icons, fonts, colors, and customize the device’s behavior.

The first step is to choose a launcher: Nova, Apex, Aviate, Google Now… you’ll find a wide choice of apps on the PlayStore : most of them are free, and they usually come with a premium version unlocking a few more features.

You’ll find here a list of available launchers. I went for the very simple and effective Nova.

Once the launcher is installed, go to your option menu Settings > Home and select the one to make default. That’s it. You may want to go to your launcher settings now to configure every pixel of your phone (font size, icons type / size / number, colors, dock and such).

The fastest way to make your Android phone look awesome is to modify the iconset. Hundred of icon packs are available on the PlayStore, here comes my favorites:


Once your pack downloaded and installed, go to your launcher options, find the “Appearance” settings, and select your new set.


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