Private browsing: start Chrome Incognito mode by default

Private browsing may be of help in work a environment. It prevents your browser from saving your history, searches, cookies between browsing sessions and fill-in your URL bar with auto-suggestion. Opening a new tab won’t show your most visited website. And you’ll need to log back in to any Website accounts between sessions, as your browser won’t save the cookies that keep your login state.

Every modern browsers come with a private browsing mod. Opening a private session in Google Chrome (or Incognito mode, as they call it) is just a CTRL+SHFT+N away. But you may want to make it your default mode. And this is how to do it.


Direct approach:

  1. Find the Chrome program through the Windows launcher: Start menu > search for ‘chrome’
  2. right-click ‘Properties’
  3. Add the parameter -incognito at the end of the ‘Target’ field: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -incognito

If you prefer to create a dedicated launcher for private browsing:

  1. Find the Chrome program through the Windows launcher (Windows start menu > search for ‘chrome’ > right-click to ‘Open file location’)
  2.  Create a shortcut by right clicking the chrome.exe and chosing ‘Create shortcut’.
  3. Right-click your shortcut, go to ‘Properties’ and add the -incognito parameters at the end of the ‘Target’ field.
  4. Pin the new shortcut to your Windows taskbar

Eventually, whatever solution you choose, remember that CTRL+N will open a new classic session window, CTRL+SHFT+N a new private session window.


One thought on “Private browsing: start Chrome Incognito mode by default

  1. It didn’t work!! >n<
    My problem is that 1) None of my browsers are able to utilize private/incognito mode and 2) youtube’s restricted mode won’t disable. This friggin update is driving me up a wall!!!!!!!!!!!

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