How to Install Debian 8 Jessie as a virtual machine

To celebrate the release of Jessie (Debian 8) as the new stable version of Debian, here comes a tutorial to install it as a virtual machine (VM) on your computer: How to create a Debian virtual machine with VirtualBox?

You will need to download and install VirtualBox, the Oracle software that allows you to run any OS on… any other OS, as a virtual environment. This procedure is a lot safer than a dual boot: no need to fool around with boot sector or disk partitions, all is virtually recreated. The counterpart is that your computer resources are shared by two OS’s. To avoid any performance issue, we’ll choose a lightweight but efficient desktop environment. Continue reading “How to Install Debian 8 Jessie as a virtual machine”


Create a Linux live USB on Mac

How to create a live USB stick with your favorite distro,  on a Mac, and for a Mac ? Creating a live USB stick may come handy if you don’t have an available CD to burn or if your laptop is just not equipped with a CD player. It’s also a fast and easy way to test several distros without sacrificing a CD each time.

Will see how to create an live USB stick that will boot on a Mac. It slightly differs from the classic method in that you’ll have to change the ISO extension in the process.


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Ubuntu Gnome 14.04

After a few months of Debian Jessie it was time to stress the macbook with some Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 Final beta testing. The stable 14.04 LTS release is coming soon, april 17th, you may want to wait till then.

The distro is quite stable despite some Firefox or Rhythmbox crashes. It should be OK for the final release. Anyway, the pleasure of Gnome Shell (3.10) resides in its tweaks and configuration.

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