Install Fedora 20 on a macbook

Here’s a complete guide to install and customize Fedora 20 on a macbook (4,1 model, 2008). The performances on Mac are quite good, you obtain a fast system with no overheating. Battery faints quickly, but hey, the computer is now 6 years old. Continue reading “Install Fedora 20 on a macbook”


Ubuntu Gnome 14.04

After a few months of Debian Jessie it was time to stress the macbook with some Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 Final beta testing. The stable 14.04 LTS release is coming soon, april 17th, you may want to wait till then.

The distro is quite stable despite some Firefox or Rhythmbox crashes. It should be OK for the final release. Anyway, the pleasure of Gnome Shell (3.10) resides in its tweaks and configuration.

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Gnome Shell 3.8

Gnome Shell 3.8 here on Ubuntu 13.04 – for Macbook-EFI reasons. First with Shell theme by Elegance Colors, GTK MediterraneanNight. Then with default theme Adwaita, which is great, especially if you activate the dark theme under Gnome Tweak Tool.

The DE is simple and functional, although the notification area should be improved (lack of visibility on past notifications).

Gnome 3.8



Various modifications…

1. Modify font in default shell theme :

$ nano /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css
/* default text style */
stage {
    font-family: Liberation Sans, sans-serif;
    font-size: 10pt;
    color: white;

Then relaunch the UI (Alt+F2 > r)

2. Usefull gnome extensions [here] :

  • User theme
  • Setting Center
  • Places
  • Caffeine
  • Net Speed
  • Messaging Menu

Gnome-043. Panel bar

A simple tint2 panel bar can be of help when numerous windows are opened. Configure your tintrc to blend in the shell colors. No integration problem whatsoever.

Gnome-05Désactiver le bluetooth au démarrage de Gnome shell

nano /etc/rc.local
# add before last line :
rfkill block bluethooth

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